Welcome... bliss is a space for incubating dreams, sharing ideas and building community. We offer an ecumenical, multi-cultural environment where people are encouraged to share what they know, enrich each other's lives and personally connect face to face with others who desire empowerment and inspiration. The focus is not on any one path but rather on each individual's quest to find inner bliss defined by their own uniqueness.

BE Awestruck week of August 21

*NEW* Neurolife Brain Health Workshop w/ Carrie Boan (M 7)

*NEW SERIES* Teens Helping Teens
w/ Julie Koewler & Brooke Dominiak (TU 4:15)

Upgrading Your Life With Wise Boundaries w/ JP Sears (W 7)

Intuitive Cooking w/ Tish Voit (TH 7)

Stretching & Relaxing Yoga w/ Jeannine Despeaux (TH 7:15)

Neighborhood House Soup Kitchen Service w/ Nancy Platz (F 10:15)

Poetry Writing w/ Jack Tracey (TU 2:30)

THRIVE Domestic Abuse Support
w/ Leigh Wildt (M 12:30 & TH 6)

Healing Touch w/ Rhonda Lincoln (TU 2)

Vinyasa Flow w/ Amy Gaffney (F 11)

Body Balance/PT w/ Susan King (W 12:15)

Drop-in Improv/Theater Games w/ Pamela Ward (W 7)

Vinyasa Flow w/ Moira Duggan (W 6)

ZUMBA w/ Consuela Drayton (TH 6)

OM Chanting w/ Sherry Kachanis & Aleksandra Sheveleva (TU 6)

Yin Yoga w/ Marc Barrie (TU 7:15)

All Instrument Jam w/ John Farrelly (W 6)

Mat Pilates w/ Kerry Blackburn (SA 9:30)

12 Step-Living in Freedom w/ Dan Gannon & Marsha Blyth (W 2)

Change Agents w/ Renee Orth (TH 7)

Drop-in Needle Class w/ Nancy Gannon (W 1)

Drop-in Reiki Clinic
Anne Marie Wiesman & Rosalee Przybelinski (F 10:30-12)

Christian Yin Yoga (F 12:15) w/ Kim Donaldson

Course in Miracles w/ Janet Herron (F 10:30)

Yoga Flow w/ Jill Keefer (TU 12:15)
& Drop-in Soup (TU 1:15-2:30)

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May 20, 2017

The Jivamukti Open class welcomes you, as it is open to practitioners of all levels.  You work at your own…

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